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  • Co-Development

    We associate with other acclaimed & accomplished professionals with proven track records that share the same values of professionalism, integrity and the devotion .

  • Business Assistance

    Analysis of the possibilities of development of the beneficiary, prospect of the market, estimate the cost of the works to be carried and proposing the most favorable solution.

  • Property Management

    Identifying and presenting opportunities that allow product improvement, following international classification standards and quality in order to increase value and innovative, as a stimulus to increase sales and business development.

About us

LIAN SERV LLC was founded in 2006 as a result of the visionary approach in the hospitality industry enforced by the company owner – Anca NEDEA PAVEL. "LIAN SERV CONSULTING & MANAGEMENT" was founded in 2006. The name was inspired by the idea of bringing together the requirements of the hotel owner and the expectations of the end-consumer, as a result of the proper vision and the standardized quality of services, through the approach and management of the know-how that is at the disposition of our company specialists engaged in the project. Our company is proud of a 11 year experience in the hospitality industry, during which it gathered a portfolio of provocative and motivating management projects. These projects are the ones that can speak about the quality of our management services as well as of our team members.

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